Public Speaking Tip – How Tone Builds Connection

How Tone Builds Connection

Public Speaking Tip by Janeen Vosper, Member of Your Key Business Advisors Network 

In this Key Quickie Video Tip, Janeen Explains.

I find people get mixed up with the pitch of the voice and the tone of voice can build a connection with your audience.

And tone has a couple of different explanations. One is a tone. Whether it is quite a soft tone, it may be a nasally tone. So it’s how you hear the sound coming out. We all have a different tone of voice and some voices are incredibly beautifully easy to listen to the lovely soft resonance with them if you’re a meditation teacher that’s perfect.

Other voices are a little bit scratching, it’s ways of improving the voice and how you do that, and using skills with skilled speaker trainers or speech trainers to do that.

But what I’m talking about in tone in this instance, is whether you’re delivering a happy time, very sad tone, an enthusiastic tone to your voice. It’s that emphasis in the voice of that tone that you’re delivering and that’s what captures audiences. And especially if you’re telling a story, you need that variety of time to be able to really connect with your audience.

So videoing yourself when you’re doing your presentations and seeing how you go changing the tone of what you’re doing and how you’re delivering it.

My name is Janine Vosper My business is Speech Perfect and I this is one of the favorite things I’m doing is helping people change the tone and the way they deliver to create interest in their presentation.

Again, I’m Janeen Vosper if you do want to talk with me any further then I get in touch with me at my website – Or in Your Key Business Advisors Network – I look forward to speaking with you.