Willem van der Merwe – The Alternative Board

Willem van der Merwe - The Alternative Board

Willem van der Merwe

The Alternative Board’s goal is to generate objective, practical advice from like-minded business owners through collaboration in a Boardroom environment.

Experience:   20+ Years in Personal Development

Key Advisory Services 

  • Successfully navigated growth and change
  • Unlocked business opportunities
  • Improved productivity, operations and profitability
  • Enhanced their company culture
  • Improved employee retention through coaching, mentoring and developing team chemistry
  • Enriched owner and employee work life balance
  • Focused on innovation and success through collaboration

About Willem van der Merwe and The Alternative Board Logan

Our goal is to generate objective, practical advice from like-minded business owners

As a the owner of The Alternative Board Logan, I am passionate about helping people create clarity, understanding and direction, giving them not only the help their business needs but the tools and understanding to grow both personally and professionally. With a career spanning twenty years in the chemicals and fuels industries, I bring the skills and experience that I have from my multi-national corporate career and engineering background to the proverbial coal face of the economy.

What TAB does is aligned with my personal vision and work life approach. This makes it easy for me to work with business owners and guide them to reach their individual personal goals. Bringing them together in a peer board environment to share ideas, knowledge and experiences gives me the satisfaction that TAB is positively impacting people’s lives.

I have the unique ability to bring the principles and practices of larger businesses and translate them into approaches that can be implemented in and add value to smaller businesses. Coupling this with the fact that I am someone who loves helping people to improve their lives gives me the energy and reinvigoration needed to focus my energy and efforts.

As a certified coach, using my experiences and extensive business knowledge to provide Logan business owners with a rewarding TAB experience that delivers personal satisfaction through running a more successful business.

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“Our mentor and fellow board members hold us accountable for the goals and actions we share, so you want to make progress on them each month. Our Facilitator asks hard questions that we’ve been avoiding asking ourselves, ensuring we answer truthfully and then do something about it to head in the right direction. Joining The Alternative Board has kept us focused and given us techniques and tools to start guiding the business into the next phase.”.
– Tori van der Donk

“My role as a sole partner can be quite a lonely one – there is a lot that my family do not understand or appreciate. I’ve found TAB meetings to be positive and supportive. I now have greater confidence and optimism for future plans – knowing that I can venture forward and I can source feedback, support and guidance to give myself every chance to succeed.”.
– Grant McCarthy

“Prior to working with TAB, we were focusing on the wrong things, spending too much time working hard without thinking about the approach we were using. Redirecting so much of our energy into ways that have impacted on our productivity, mental health and bottom line. In almost 20 years in business we have seen and been through a lot and tried a lot of things to grow. TAB is the best thing we have done”.
– Mikael Wedemeyer & Nathan Mussig

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Warren Tapp – Tapp Advisory

Warren Tapp – Tapp Advisory

Tapp Advisory – Warren Tapp

Warren Tapp

Corporate Training, Business Training, Online Training, Business Mentoring, Business Tools

Experience:   35+ years

Key Advisory Services 

  • Board and Director Training
  • Mentoring for Business Owners
  • Training Library eBooks, Audios and Videos
  • One on One Mentoring
  • Company Director Training
  • Video training

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About Warren Tapp

Let this man into your business and it will never be the same again! Get 35 years of experience in helping other businesses grow and prosper.

Warren Tapp has been there and done that. He has been a CEO and Board Chair and Advisor to dozens of businesses in a wide range of industries in Australia and overseas for more than 35 years. He has seen what to do and what not to do to improve profits and help business owners reduce their worry and stress. His satisfaction comes from helping others see the wood for the trees in a frank and honest manner.

His philosophy is that all businesses are fundamentally the same and he will see the problems quickly and tell you how to fix them, all for probably far less than what you pay your receptionist. He will get you to work on your business and not just in it. He is a thought leader in the business trends and opportunities who will change your thinking about your business.

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