Russ Cummings

Russell Cummings

Business Consultant, Advisory, Mentoring and Training facilitator. A Mindshop’s Business Leader

Experience:   31+ years

Key Advisory Services 

  • Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Strategic Marketing Workshops
  • Business Coaching Service and Support
  • Team Engagement and Leadership Development
  • Training Workshops in business and leadership skills

Why Shifft and Russell Cummings

Our Why
Our Purpose is to add tangible value to our clients and the community.

Our What
We deliver strategy, marketing, sales and planning services through a business coaching, training and facilitation model.

What should you say about us?
Russ is an experienced “pair of hands” that can work with you to help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

Our Capability
Russ has been working as a Business Advisor for over 33 years and is a “safe pair of hands” for your business.

Our Capacity
Russ has great capacity to deliver to clients across Australia and NZ through the use of a scalable online coaching and training platform, and the use of web-based comms technology – distance is no barrier!

Our Ideal Clients
Dynamic family and privately-owned businesses who want to grow; from independent operators to large firms in Food, Manufacturing or Professional Service sectors

Benefits of using Shifft and Russ

  • 34 years’ experience and thought leadership across a wide range of industries and business types
  • An ability to simplify the complex with a range of practical tools and processes proven to work with any-sized client
  • Access to our comprehensive online Resource Centre with 150 business tools, over 15 online training programs and a confidential coaching platform
  • Russ has the capability to work with clients in any location using web-based communication (Zoom) and our online platform
  • Fixed price agreements – no surprises – Russ aims for a 10x Return on your Investment

7 Trends Summary 

2023: Time to Thrive 

In addition to an extensive client list, Russell also provides coaching to over 70 Business Advisors across Australia, NZ and the UK.

  • Sharyn Casey, HAIL: “Russell is known across the Australian horticultural industry as an exceptional business coach with a focus on developing the next pool of leaders.”
  • Hamish Wright, BBD NZ: “I would recommend Russell if you want to bring high level strategic thinking that drives results with your leadership team.”
  • Oliver Ward, Hops Products Australia: “Russell Cummings is a master of joining the dots to the most profitable outcomes, with integrity. He has a wealth of experience and connections to draw from across the globe.”

What to listen for in business conversations

  • “We have so many opportunities that we’re not sure what direction to take…”
  • “We are growing really quickly and it’s getting out of control…”
  • “We want to grow but haven’t got a clear plan…”
  • “Business has been slow…”
  • “Our competitors are taking business from us…”

What to say

“I know this really experienced guy who could help you with , I’m sure he’d be happy to have a chat with you and see if he can help. Do you want his number?”

Ask them to call or email me on 0414 929 585 or .

Alternatively, ask them to go to  and watch some videos, webinars and take advantage of the free resources.

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