Offer FREE Vacations as Incentives and Help the Homeless

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Grow Your Business, Help the Homeless with Holiday Incentives

Get FREE Holidays to Give Away by making a Donation to Global Glamping Charities for Homelessness Projects in Australia

Instantly Boost Sales by 60% or More

How the Holiday Rewards Work

  • Become a Supporter of the Homelessness Projects Charity
  • Give away a FREE Holiday as an incentive for new business. Now there is no need to offer Discounts and shrink your Profit to get the sale.
  • Holidays are 3, 4 or 7 nights the destinations include in across Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Vanuatu, Phuket, Fiji and more.
  • Homelessness Projects across Australia get a donation on every holiday given away. Homelessness Projects in Australia include Domestic Violence, Economic Homelessness and Homelessness from Natural Disasters.
  • You can use the FREE Holidays as an incentive for new business or a reward for loyal customers.
  • Then you help your new customer select a Holiday Destination. You or they pay the small Booking Fee and Taxes due.
  • When the Accommodation is Booked you have 18 months to use the Holiday Voucher.

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How this is it possible to Give Away FREE Holidays?

  • The Homelessness Projects Australian Charity ‘Global Glamping’ has an arrangement with an International Holiday Broker to get access to vacancies at  thousands of Hotels across the globe.
  • You get access to these Holidays by donating to the Homelessness Projects Charity
  • When a Holiday is booked the Homelessness Projects Charity also receives a commission from the booking fee.
    NOTE: The Holidays are FREE, except the user pays the Taxes and any International fees.
  • Now the once vacant rooms in a resort are being used and the holiday makers spend their money with them in the restaurants, bars, spars, tours etc. Which all helps the Resort cover the expense they have even if the rooms stayed vacant.

It is a Win for the Homeless across Australia, a Win for You getting more business, a Win for your new customer and a Win for the Holiday Resorts around the world.

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