How to Stop Swaying Your Key Quickie Tip

How to Stop Swaying When Presenting

Your Key Advisor Janeen Vosper from Speech Perfect with the Quickie video on How to Stop Swaying.

One thing I’ve seen with speakers to get that grounding and to stop swaying. They’ll often put one foot in front of the other.

Putting one foot in front of the other isn’t bad when it’s a little tiny action, that’s probably something I would recommend to do if you are a swayer. But when you’ve got one foot right out in front of the other, you can still be swaying. But it looks like you’re ready to take off and are ready to get out of the room.

It’s very important to be grounded and to be balanced when you’re speaking.

Now, you don’t have to stay in the one spot but every time you move, it needs to be purposeful. Not just an unconscious gesture that you don’t realize you’re doing.

So again, balancing your feet making them about shoulder width apart, and standing very comfortably. If you are a swayer, move your feet slightly apart. But don’t make it look you’re ready to get out of here.

I am Janeen Vosper, my business is Speech Perfect and I just love working with up and coming speakers to help them feel comfortable and skilled and confident to get out there and get their message across.

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