Find Your Style Your Key Advisors Quickie Tip

Find Your Presenting Style

Tips to help you feel comfortable and engage your audience when presenting.

Janeen Vosper from Speech Perfect is Your Key Business Advisor with this video Quickie Tip.

Find Your Presenting Style

I am not Tony Robbins that’s obvious by my delivery style. My presentation style is very different to Tony Robbins.

Finding your own delivery style is an important factor when you are a presenter. I know I’ve competed in international speech contests and have seen a lot of action types of speakers. The big ‘out there’ ‘big movements’ presenters and all action type you could imagine.

I’m more about the voice and the delivery and the presentation getting the emotion across to the audience. Sometimes that connects with people. Sometimes it doesn’t. But the important factor to remember is to have your own style. Trust it and believe in it. Because you can’t try and successfully imitate someone else.

You need to be authentic. You need to be real. Your audience will identify with that. Be you and own your own style.

My name is Janeen Vosper my business is Speech Perfect, and I work with speakers to help them be able to identify who they are, what their style is and how they can competently and skilfully deliver their message in front of their audience.

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