Pronounce it Correctly – Public Speaking Tip

Pronouncing it Correctly

Public Speaking Tip Video by Janeen Vosper, Member of Your Key Business Advisors Network 

In this video Janeen explains the art of pronouncing word correctly and how that affects your Public Speaking.

I like many Australians are very lazy with the way we pronounce our words, particularly words that end in E, for example, water.

How we tend to say that is with an A, instead of an ER as in water instead of water. You find this right then you’ll start listening for it now I’m so sorry about and you’ll hear it. Look, it may not be a problem.

It may not be an issue for your audience, or it might they may notice it, particularly if you’re speaking to other countries are speaking in other countries. They will definitely identify whether you are pronouncing words correctly.

That’s, that’s just one example.

There’s a lot of words but thinking about it when you’re doing your presentations, and you’re videoing yourself when you’re practicing. Is how are you speaking? How are you pronouncing the words?

I know one word that took me years I talk about how to build rapport, but I was doing rapport for many, many years. But getting that right was so important to my audience. As is anytime that you’re pronouncing things, think about how you’re pronouncing your words. And what you’re saying and getting rid of the water. Is there the water?

I’m Janine Vosper I am my business is speech perfect and I just help people get very comfortable and clear on their message and how they’re delivering that and picking up any little things that your audience may find a bit distracting and a bit annoying to them.

Again, I’m Janeen Vosper if you do want to talk with me any further then I get in touch with me at my website – Or in Your Key Business Advisors Network – I look forward to speaking with you.

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