7 Traits of a Great Leader Your Key Advisors Quickie Tip

7 Traits of a Great Leader

This short video tip will help you become a Great Leader

Ian Parker from Ian Parker International, The Auto Academy and IPMG is Your Key Business Advisor with this Key Advisors Quickie Video Tip.

7 Traits of a Great Leader

1/ Be Intelligent

Intelligent leaders attract quality people, earn respect from others are open to change and are inclined to make better decisions.

2/ Have a high level of Integrity

Leaders with great integrity, have lower staff turnover, have high morale amongst their team who tend to have a more proactive culture in their workplace.

3/ Have Positive Energy.

When a leader has positive energy, they move fast enough to make positive impact on the results. They can motivate others, they can lift the tempo in their business, they can also get the right things done.

4/ The Ability to Motivate Others.

Now the ability to motivate others means for you to create an energetic culture and keeps the momentum going.

5/ Have Drive and Passion

When you are leading with passion and drive it easily inspires others. You won’t accept excuses, has a can do attitude. You will create an environment that encourages sensible risk taking.

6/ Make Tough Decisions.

You won’t learn the skill of making Tough Decisions reading a book or in the classroom. You learn these in the trenches. Learning from both your good and your bad decisions. You must honestly assess your success and failures and you’ve got to learn from them.

7/ The Ability to Get Results.

When you get the other six traits of a great leader right. Getting Results is easy. It is easy to build a solid team to get the job done, to learn from the past to take initiative and make great decisions.

Ian Parker is from Ian Parker International, The Auto Academy and IPMG Ian Parker Management Group. His profile and contact details can be seen at Your Key Business Advisor

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